24 February 2020



This tweet might be from a decade ago (full list from this day here), but it still rings true on this Monday. I have a real chicken salad sort of project to make by Thursday and I am struggling to find the right recipe that will transform something completely unpalatable into something sumptuous.

I'm never sure what it means when I see reflections of yestertweet in my life today. I know part of it is just patterns...the rhythms of the year, no matter if they're weather related or school calendar related. But others make me wonder if life has really changed. Some things are so very different from 10 years ago. I have lived in three different houses since then. I have had two different jobs. I have a different car and definitely feel the change in my body at 50 vs. 40. But other things feel groundhog day'ish...like trying to make a boss look good when I don't have much to work with as a starting point. Maybe someday, there will be a little gold for my efforts.

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