13 January 2020

Why so serious?

A threat of snow for the next few days is looming in the forecast. I am always a bit dubious. Sometimes, a large event is predicted and we barely get a dusting...and other times, like last year, it's only supposed to be a couple of inches and we got close to two feet of the fluffy white stuff. But I am just going to treat this week like all of my plans will be on track (but keep a backup plan in my pocket).

This means that starting on Wednesday, I will be heading out to all six of our elementary schools over the course of six days to do benchmark testing for close to 1600 K - 3 students. I don't go alone, mind you. My office assistants and I take a small army of paraeducators and "sweep" a school each day. It is intensive and exhausting work, but I have to say that I really enjoy it. I like being in the schools and I especially like meeting students.

I also like the serendipity of it all—like the snowfall amount, there's no telling what I'll see or hear along the way. That's why, when I saw this tweet from four years ago, I knew it was the one to post for today (full list here):


The office where I took this picture no longer exists, but I am forever grateful for this random bit of fun as I attended a meeting. These bits of creativity and play are more commonly found in elementary schools. I'm not sure why secondary schools take themselves so much more seriously. Secret smiles (especially ones with googly eyes) sprinkled about a building always make for the best memories.

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