18 January 2020

Where's the Party?


I've been out in a few of our elementary schools this week to do benchmark testing. I, and a small army of paras, sit with K - 3 students one at a time to test some basic skills with reading and math. It is exhausting, and monotonous, and your body gets sore from sitting in little chairs and hunching over low tables all day. But it is also one of the most fun parts of my job. I love listening to the little things kids want to share, the excitement of a kindergartner who recognizes that the letter on the page is one that's in their name, or the third grader who just can't help but sing "row, row, row your boat" when they see it in the reading passage.

A tradeoff in doing this is that my to do list for all the other parts of my job starts to become monstrous. So, we may have a three-day weekend in terms of what is on the calendar, but that just means it's a holiday from going to the office. As I sat in my office at 4:30 yesterday afternoon, after getting there before 6 am, I generated quite the list of large things (build the repo for the college course I'm teaching to teachers-in-training about using data) and small (email the final round of logo edits so I can launch my new business). There's a mix of personal, work stuff, and a couple things that straddle both worlds. Time to party hearty at the To Do Bar. Hope it's got some good happy hour specials.

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