23 January 2020

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things

In a couple of weeks, I will begin teaching my first course for a university. I find this exciting in both positive and challenging ways. On the plus side, I am very much looking forward to working with almost-teachers around effective data use. I got to supervise a student teacher this fall in one of our kindergarten classrooms and had such a good time. Having never had a student teacher during my classroom career, it feels good to be able to mentor and support someone who is just starting this journey. Now I will have a different role with a group of them, and I get to talk about data...which is what I'm most passionate about. All good things. And I am also a bit terrified. I haven't been in a college classroom for 25 years. Sure, I've taken some classes since then...but they've all been online. I have absolutely zero idea about what college classes look like now. I do a lot of professional development with other educators, so I'm just going to start out teaching this course as if it's a series of five two-hour workshops. I'm hoping the students will be generous and help me shape things along the way. This feels like a big opportunity and I don't want to waste it. I'm sure I'll have more to share about all of this later. (If you have any tips for me, please help a sister out and send them my way.)

For today, however, this tweet from this day of four years ago is a reminder that as I guide conversations about data use with teachers-to-be, that ethics has to be integral to our work together.


And not just the FERPA'y compliance stuff. We need to think about what and who gets included or excluded...reflecting on the choices we make in terms of how we represent data...and all of its communication.

The link referenced in the tweet above is no longer live, but here is a summary, if you're interested. I also have a series of similar links stashed on my Pinboard account. A few of these will land in my course materials for sure.

What will it be like to have a few of my favourite things—beginning teachers, responsible data use, workshop time—all together? Guess I'll find out very soon.

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