26 January 2020

Once Is Enough

In this house, if the tv is on, then Turner Classic Movies is what's showing. There's something comforting in the familiar...although I discover plenty of new-to-me movies all the time. I've ended up seeing 25 in this category so far this month.

Today's tweet from this date has something in common with #25. I don't think I can watch it again.

I have a small list of these films (e.g., Schindler's List, Legends of the Fall). They are the ones that are good films, but the stories are so wrenching (or there are scenes that stick too close to me) that I just can't take myself to that same place emotionally again.

This morning's edition was The Sound of Fury (1950). It is your typical film noir—decent guy led astray with disastrous results—until the last 10 minutes. You can watch the whole movie on YouTube, but the embedded player below begins where the all-too-brutal mob scene starts to crank up. This scene is the reason I can't watch the film again.

I have an entirely different list of films I won't watch again, because they suck. And then there is also a list of films I love to watch over and over. Maybe there will be time to share some of those, too, over the course of this year.

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