02 January 2020

Old Tools in the New Year

Some things are not so different than when I started blogging 15(!) years ago. Blogger is still here, my avatar and username have stayed the same, and I am still a big fan of paper calendars and appointments written with a soft lead pencil. A few things are different, though. I have learned a lot about Excel (just ask my other blog), data, and design. And one of the tools that kicked me down that particular path was this one:


Prezi (formerly "Zuiprezi") was in beta 10 years ago. And while I don't use it too much these days, getting that beta login was a launch point to thinking differently about organizing and presenting information. Prezi also became my side hustle for a few years. I built presentations for CEOs, insurance agencies, pharmaceutical companies, auto parts resellers, medical students, corporate consultants, and others. After a lifetime in education, it was nice to see the world through other lenses. I learned to be creative on a deadline, but more importantly, I learned to ask good questions. It was no small thing to understand someone else's personal vision and then reflect it accurately in a presentation that they could show as their own. These days, I ply these skills when I work with teachers and principals to learn what it is they really want to know from the data.

Speaking of tools used then and now, I had used Delicious for the purposes of social bookmarking. But now, everything is in Pinboard. So, if you're looking for my favourite things for presentations, data, or other topics, head on over there.

Just a reminder that I'm going to post a tweet a day from a previous year and expand on it a bit as a way to get back in the habit of sharing via a blog. You can see my full list of tweets posted on this day, or start seeing your own by following On This Day.

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