06 January 2020

Lighten Up

I love living in the Pacific Northwest, but I have to admit that winters are a challenge. We don't often get significant snow, but the days are very short and when it's daylight, the skies are grey.


In the 10 years since I've tweeted this, I've figured out a few ways to manage my winter wardrobe boredom. I have a bright yellow felt coat that I love. It's soft and warm and bright, and I often get comments on it when I'm out doing errands. I've also acquired some of my grandmother's jewelry. The crystals from the 1950s really sparkle and shine. I am sure that she saved them to wear for special occasions, but I love having something cheerful to put on just because it's Wednesday and is raining for the 23rd day in a row.

I can't do anything about the minutes of daylight, but it is always a relief to get to this point in the year and know that the sun is sticking around a little longer each day. It might not be noticeable yet, but it will be soon.

This year I am posting a tweet a day from a previous year and expand on it a bit as a way to get back in the habit of sharing via a blog. You can see my full list of tweets posted on this date, or start seeing your own by following On This Day.

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