12 January 2020

I Just Can't Quit You

Before I started my current job, I had my 8 - 5 gig and a side hustle. The side hustle was to build presentations for a variety of clients (more on that in a recent post). They hired me for Prezis, but my favourite presentation tool is PowerPoint.


While I am in a very committed relationship with Excel—one which is occasionally stormy and requires couples counseling—my PowerPoint sidepiece is always a pleasure to be with. I use it to build documents, create simple graphics, and of course, develop presentations.

Although I haven't officially had my shingle out to accept commissions for design work for 5.5 years, I have two clients who consistently check in with me to see if I am accepting projects. Both of them contacted me on Friday...and for whatever reason, I decided to help this time around. I have been pretty firm about turning down extra work, even if I enjoy it. But I have some projects of my own that I hope to launch this spring, and perhaps a little extra cash would motivate me to breathe life into them. Being creative on a deadline is a muscle I need to start exercising again.

Today's tweet was selected from a list provided each day by On This Day.  The account shows a user's full history of tweets for the given calendar date. Just a reminder that I'm going to post a tweet a day from a previous year and expand on it a bit as a way to get back in the habit of sharing via a blog. You can see my full list of tweets posted on this day, or start seeing your own by following that account.

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