19 January 2020

Forever Young

I have not been a classroom teacher since 2008, which means that by now, nearly every student I knew that year has now graduated and moved on into adulthood. I did work with Kindergarten students at that time who would be seniors this year, but I have had no connection to them since then.

I am still in contact with several former students. We exchange Christmas cards or connect on social media. I enjoy getting to see where their lives have taken them as they started completed college and started careers...been married and had children...bought houses...and faced their fair share of challenges, too. There is a bit of cognitive dissonance in all of this, of course. In my mind, these people are frozen in time—forever 16 - 18 years old. I remember them as high school sophomores, with all their goofy energy. I recognize that they have more than moved on by then, but I hope they appreciate that someone still sees them in that light...someone who remembers that kid.

The tweet for today is a reply to a former student:


She works in a school now, has met my office staff at a conference they all attended, and is still as full of life and energy in her late 30's as she was in her teens. I love seeing her well and happy. It's what we want for all of our students.

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