31 January 2020

Bring It On

So, if I've done this correctly, I've posted 31 times in 31 days. I won't claim all of them were done well or were my best pieces of writing. What I can say is that this has been a useful muscle to build again, no matter the quality of my form. I think that it has also made me a bit happier about things in my life, as odd as that sounds. I believe it's important to be creative and creativity takes inspiration, courage, and practice. I'm using old tweets from this day for inspiration, plain old discipline to make myself practice writing each day (as I once did with piano), and well, I'm not sure about the source of courage. I suspect it's just plain stubbornness. But one always has to be willing to take a risk with anything that is shared publicly, even if it's just a crappy blog post.

I am not quite as far ahead with my organization as I was on this date four years ago, but the sentiment remains. February? Bring it on.


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