15 January 2020

A Kind of Hush

It's been a challenging forecast this week. Monday night, when I had insomnia and was wandering around the house at 1 a.m., there was no snow falling or accumulated. But at 4:30 when I got up again, there were lots of fat, fluffy flakes to enjoy. I didn't realize it at first because I could hear the traffic outside and there were no changes to the speed of cars heading down the street.


There is very rarely much snow in this spot, but 20 miles to the north in the town where I work, there is often a different story. Tuesday was no exception. School was canceled. And while I was still expected to work, I decided to stay home until the sun was up. While I don't know what today will hold (I suspect it will be an icy morning and we may open late), I like remembering times when I can stay snuggled up at home and enjoy the peaceful view out the window.

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