10 December 2017

Lucky 13

Ye Olde Blog is thirteen years old today. A teenager on the web can be a dangerous thing, but I am hopeful that although the pace of posting has slowed in the old age of this space, measured thought is replacing youthful exuberance. I also hope that I am not so aged that I start to scream at young blogs to get off my lawn.

I still think that blogging has a place in education---and for educators---even after all this time. There are more forms available now than when I started, whether it's microblogging via Twitter, Facebook posts, or WordPress sites. But the goal is the same...one of personal reflection in a public space. I don't deny that this terrifies some people, either when I do it or when they think of doing it for themselves. I feel sorry for those who believe I want to use this platform to talk about them...who have missed the message that I am only talking about myself. Perhaps they are worthy of attention, but that is all the more reason they should be blogging, too. Your ideas are valuable. Put them out into the world and stop worrying about what others think. That was over in middle school.

As always, I am grateful for the community this blog has built over the years. I have met so many of you at national conferences, workshops, and in other spaces. I could not have found you without this space, and I would not be the educator I am today without these connections and conversations. It may have not always been smooth sailing, but I have no regrets about this blog. It has enriched my life and career in ways that nothing else has.

What does Year 14 hold? Hmmm...I want to talk about agency and empowerment. I'll be at the ASCD annual conference in March. I'm planning on spending my winter holiday writing a book (!). I want to be with you here, when I can.

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Hugh O'Donnell said...

Happy Belated Blogiversary, SG. You still rock!