31 May 2017

Where Was I?

With only a handful more days in the school year, we have reached the end of state testing. Our first assessment window is open on the first day of school and we've filtered through several different opportunities since then. The busiest, of course, is spring.

Spring is a marathon. Ten schools. Nine grade levels. Five different flavours of tests (only three, depending upon grade level). Not to mention managing paper/pencil vs. online, getting tests to our kids who are educated in programs outside the district (for example, at the school for the deaf), scheduling translators, and all the other details. But we're at the end of all of that for another year.

For 6 - 8 weeks, assessment is all-encompassing. It is the first thing that gets checked in the morning and the maintenance it generates becomes the final tasks for the afternoon. Other work moves along in fits and starts, 15 minutes at a time. It's an odd rhythm that I settle into. And now that the dance is over, I am finding myself a bit at loose ends.

My calendar looks like this:

I'm not complaining. After months of claustrophobia-like conditions in Outlook, I like that I have some breathing room. It's just that after all the hullabaloo, I don't quite remember what it is I was doing. I hope that I captured some good notes back in March so that I can figure out what sorts of projects people were expecting me to complete.

The year is winding down. I am planning on taking off most of July, but once the spring score file drops on August 4, it will mark the starting line for another year. I am hoping, though, that for the next few weeks, I can decompress and find my bearings again.

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