10 December 2016

The Dirty Dozen

Today, this blog is 12 years old. We will now be entering those awkward teenage years, full of sturm and drang. Or perhaps that phrase is more reflective of our time together until now.

I won't take you down memory lane. I think we all know the web and social media have changed a lot over the last 12 years. I won't claim this space will be active for another twelve years, but I can say that I own the domain until this place is *gulp* 20 years old. And while some may have tried to shut me down in previous years, I am quite sure that I will only quiet my voice when I choose to do so.

We have a long four years ahead, educators. Blogs were a space for individualism and activism back when I started this space...and I suspect that blogs may become that refuge again as federal leadership puts public education under attack once again. Our ideas are too large to contain in 140 characters, a single image on Instagram, or in feeds of Facebook.

I believe that we all do what we can to take care of ourselves and one another. For some of you, that's giving money on DonorsChoose to your favourite classroom(s). Others participate in outward shows of ally-ship amongst different groups. There are volunteers of time, resources, or presence. Make the best choice you can within the space you have to live and work in. This blog will still be here to put forward some new ideas, revisit some old ones, and walk with you along the way.

Thanks for reading.


Ms Characterized said...

Will do!

Hugh O'Donnell said...

Hey SG, Just wanted you to know that I still think of you and this wonderful blog...

For a long time it seemed that I had said all I had to say, but you're right... all of us have something to contribute and Twitter doesn't provide the depth, nor does FB encourage the professional concentration on issues at hand.

After all this time I've gotten some new perspective on assessment and grading issues that might not be popular with the SBG mainstream, but, thinking of the student who needs to learn effectively and efficiently, I'll be putting out some alternative, but not radical, alternatives to grading policy.

Take care!

Hugh O'Donnell (Repairman)