23 March 2012

ASCD 2012: Pajama Party

Personal circumstances have kept me from attending the ASCD's 2012 Annual Conference this year in Philadelphia. However, I will be engaging in the ultimate "Pajama PD" this weekend by being part of the virtual conference. ASCD is streaming two sessions during each of its workshop time slots, Saturday - Monday, and I am excited about sitting in on a variety of them. Here are the ones I am most looking forward to:


So, put on your comfy weekend clothes and join me here. I look forward to sharing what I learn with you this weekend. 

Speaking of ASCD, I need your help. I just finished drafting an article to submit for an upcoming issue of Educational Leadership. I have someone lined up to help with copy editing, but I could use a couple of volunteers to give me some feedback on the content of the article. The topic is how to use data visualizations as feedback in the classroom. If you have time to read (~2000 words) and provide me with some reactions ("I don't get this part...", "Add more here...", "Take this out...", etc.), I can offer you my undying appreciation in return. (Wow! What a deal!) If you're willing and able, contact me at the_science_goddess[at]yahoo[dot]com or @ me on Twitter, and I will email you a copy. My deadline is pressing, so I would need your comments no later than Tuesday, March 27.

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