11 September 2011

IFRD 2011

It's International Rock-Flipping Day (IFRD)! Get out there and see what's sharing your space. This morning, I was joined by Tomato and Celery, the neighbour's hens. Each morning, they dutifully hike up the ravine (a climb I refuse to even attempt) in order to partake in the bounty of my lawn.

I have to say that while the lawn contains more invertebrates than you can shake a hen at, there aren't a lot of rocks. In fact, I didn't find anything satisfactory and had to resort to a man-made rock (read: concrete). I tried some scattered pavers and the stack of cinderblocks by the garage. Nothing was wriggling beneath. I was starting to feel inadequate when I remembered one more option: the birdbath.

Score! On the bottom of the birdbath was some sort of egg sac. I'm guessing it was placed there by a spider, but I'm really not sure. I've been looking at a variety of online images to see if I can find a match---no luck yet. Anyone know what this belongs to?

But the star of the show was this little millipede. It was about 3 cm in length. (Head is at the right.)

Again, I'm not sure of the classification of this little being. I think it might be some sort of Tylobolus. I found a similar picture here, but the identification for that picture doesn't really seem to fit (there's no way this is a black and yellow spotted millipede). Anyway, it was a very cute little animal. I squeed for good reasons.

I put the birdbath back in the place, refilled the water, and hoped the millipede was able to get back to sleep. Did you find something interesting today? Don't forget to post and share. If you need more information on International Rock-Flipping Day, you can get more background here. See you next year!

Update: You can see the full list of posts over at Wanderin' Weeta's, including one from Jen (of Elementary My Dear, Or Far From It Fame).

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