04 March 2011

Conference Head

It's been a long week...and it ain't over yet. I have a couple of presentations later today and then some travel to manage. I also have a variety of blog posts rattling around in my mind: the trials and tribulations of working with 100 people at once for a full day...my brand new Excel dashboard for the classroom...people who teach kids vs. people who teach stuff...and how the continuing call for teachers to be treated equally (especially from within the ranks) has caused us to be treated unfairly.

My head is a big ole mess---a lot like "bed head," except no one can see it. I'm learning a lot along the way. I like that part. I like that I've met all sorts of teachers this week---and gotten to enjoy visiting with some old friends. As comfortable as it is to be home and have my regular routine going, I have to admit that being plopped into different situations and unfamiliar surroundings is good for me, too. It makes me ask questions and try some new things. Now I just have to figure out what to do with them.

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Hugh O'Donnell said...

Aaahhh...to learn and learn. A good place to be, SG.

Let it settle in and then tell us more.