26 March 2011

ASCD 2011: Sunday Scouting Report

All right, campers. It's time to build our brackets and mix our metaphors for ASCD Sunday (sunday...sunday).

In the 8 - 10 a.m. time slot, I have the following contenders:
  • Creating a Culture of Reflection and Learning Through Questioning---I like the idea of building a school culture where all stakeholders are engaged in an inquiry process. Many teachers struggle with questions that come from outside the classroom. How do we make that an empowering process?
  • Using Technology to Create Interactive Learning Centers and Group Activities---As we begin to move out our statewide assessment system for tech, I really think that one way to make it work in most classrooms is to build into a workshop model or help teachers see how to use learning centers in new ways. 
  • There are two different "21st Century Skills" sessions on the menu. One is more assessment oriented. I might try to drop in on one of them.

Then, in the 12:45 - 2:45 timeframe, competitors include
  • A three-way (careful...) between sessions focusing on thinking skills---Thinking about Thinking, Developing Critical Thinkers, and Creativity: It's Not Just for Artists Anymore.
  • I am also eyeballing Responding When Students Don't Get It. The presenters (Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey) really do have a nice model and understanding. Seems like a great opportunity to hear from the collective horse's mouth.
Mid-afternoon, we have a walkover: Linda Darling-Hammond's lecture on The Flat World and Education. Here is a woman with her head screwed on right, which is probably why Arne Duncan is now Secretary of Education. Sigh.

And for the end of the day (5 - 6:30 p.m.), we have
  • Bold Strategies for Standards Based Instruction in Diverse, Inclusive Classrooms---Kinda sounds like a barbecue sauce, doesn't it? It's bold...It's spicy! I like it. Even better, it looks at ways to use technology to help reach some of our harder-to-reach students.
  • Visual Literacy: Learning Content and Skills with Pictures---Should be a great warm-up for my Data Viz presentation Monday morning. I would really like to learn more about getting data and information visualization out to students---as well as using these tools to teach medal literacy and other skills.
Want to build your own fantasy ASCD schedule? Just visit the conference Web site.

Tomorrow evening, I have an ASCD Scholars reception...then it's back to my room to see if there are any other final touches to put on my presentation. All 200 tickets for my session have been spoken for---good to know that I will have a full house bright and early on Monday morning.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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