06 February 2011

Still Standing But Not Standing Still

This photo landed in my RSS feed last week. It came through a scraper site, so I'm not sure of the origins of this image---either location or photographer. I did try to find out by using Tin Eye, to no avail. All I can tell you is that when I saw the picture, it seemed to neatly sum up the status of one of the major projects I've been working on for the last few months. It's been beaten up...lost a lot of structural integrity...and it's best days are well into the past. But you know, it's still standing. Somehow, it made it to shore.

The upcoming week presents an opportunity for some rather unique salvage work. I admit that this was not quite what I had in mind when my shiny new project was launched. I trusted that it would be safely steered across the stormy sea. However, a lot of people didn't keep their end of the agreement to take care with the cargo. This resulted in a very different state of affairs at the end of the journey than I had expected and it will make for some intriguing conversations this week. But there are always opportunities if you're willing to look for them...if you can find the beauty in an ugly situation...if you can keep moving forward instead of standing still.


Ricochet said...


It's the Meheno shipwreck.

Good post

Ricochet said...

Also spelled Maheno


The Science Goddess said...

Thank you for identifying this!