28 February 2011

On the Road

I expect to have lots to blog about this week, and precious little time to blog, while I'm doing my best impression of a headless chicken. So, I offer you a selection of posts by other bloggers:
  • Dina, over at The Line, is sharing My Own Private Wisconsin. It's a beautiful little post about seeing the extremes in education at the moment and looking for the middle. There are a lot of angry educators out there---lots of people screaming into the void. Me? I don't think we solve anything that way. You have to get involved with the machine...and you have to learn that none of us have "the" answer---we each just have a small piece. What I like about Dina's post is her willingness to explore the grey areas.
  • And then there is Bora, someone I have admired for years. A lot of us talk about online community. Bora lives it, promotes it, and supports everyone who wants to be part of it. Please read his post on how the Web breaks echo-chambers, or, 'Echo-chamber' is just a derogatory term for 'community.' This post gets its awesome in a variety of ways. First of all, I like the stream of consciousness reflection about the context. You get a feel for what it was like to be Bora in that situation. But most importantly, the exploration of the role of the Web in building community (both online and in meatspace) and understanding of different viewpoints. It isn't a short post, but make the time to read and think about this one.
  • The Common Core blog has a guest post by "Emma Bryant," the pseudonym of a teacher working in a New Tech high school. She exposes my worst fears about tech integration into schools---an all hat and no cattle effect where kids are supposed to think, but given nothing to think about. Need Content? Just Google It! has comments worth a look, too. 
  Go read...leave a note for these bloggers or add them to your RSS. I'll join you soon.

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