03 February 2011

Game On

Some of you know that I've recently completed a project to take my paper archive of conference handouts and other paper ephemera and convert them to a digital format. Today, I will start sharing some of that wealth. The work I post belongs to others---and while I do not have their permission to document it here, I am starting from an assumption that they won't mind that their work is living on (sometimes nearly 17 years after the end of a conference). However, if you are the owner of any of these items and would like me to remove them, I will certainly do so.

I'll start by sharing three different packets of games for the classroom.
  • The Einstein Game (2MB; PDF) by Leon Spreyer was picked up at an NSTA conference in 1996. I have to say that it was my favourite game I ever played with students. It is a trivia game---one where any and every kid can show that they are an "Einstein" with something. It's a great time filler when you are left with an unexpected gap in a class period (e.g. snow day schedule) or just after a test when everyone needs a bit of fun.
  • Games in the Middle School Classroom (35MB; PDF) is a packet of options by Kathie Owens, Sylvia Murray, and Richard Sanders. This is also from the 1996 NSTA conference. This handout has about 15 different games (some of them science specific) that you can use as learning tools for students. I didn't use all of them, but I remember having kids play some of these. We did have some rousing review sessions of "football."
  • I also have an author-less collection of Games for the Classroom (16MB; PDF). Wish I could tell you more about where these came from. Some of the fonts suggest that they're contemporary with the other mid-90's stuff...but I just don't know. 
I hope that these resources continue to find life with some of your classrooms. Perhaps you have ideas to improve and add to them.


Hugh O'Donnell said...

Thanks, SG!

I forwarded the pdfs to my wife at the alternative high school.

Hugh O'Donnell said...

My wife played the Einstein game in Advisory...the kids loved it. She says, "Thank you!"

Going back for more above... :-)

The Science Goddess said...

Excellent! Glad to pass it on. There are a couple more posts in the queue for the week with resources, but they're science-y.