09 February 2011

All Things Great and Small

This will be the last of the shared resources...for now. I'm still working through a variety of folders and I'm sure that there will be more to post in the future. Today, I am including a big file and a little one. They have no particular relationship to one another, other than being things I used with students.
  • The little one is Travel with Columbus (1MB; pdf); author unknown. This was an activity I picked up in my MEd program as a way to have kids consider what goes into a decision making process. My copy isn't clean, but if you like the activity, you can easily polish it up. In the activity, students are provided with bios of 10 potential crew members to travel with Columbus...but they can only choose five for the journey. Complete the activity as a modified Think-Pair-Share, with students individually making selections, then coming to consensus with a small group, and then as a class.
  • The big one is Establishing a School-Based Seed Bank (70MB; pdf). It's an 87-page document crafted by Joseph Sanders and Julie Laufmann for the 1993 NSTA conference. There are dozens of seed-related activities for all ages in the packet---all with the goal of building interest in preserving genetic diversity for plants. Definitely a presentation ahead of its time. I can't claim to have done every activity that is included, but the first one using spices was always an awesome bit of fun to have with students.
 I'll be back with a big PBL extravaganza later in the month and we'll see what else I find to pass along. I hope you've enjoyed this week of resources!

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