18 January 2011

Move It On Over

If you're so inclined, you can read a fusion of two of my posts (Faking It and Space: The Final Frontier) into something where two great tastes taste great together on the ASCD Blog.

Are you coming to the ASCD Annual Conference in March? I know Jenny and Jason will be there. Anyone else I should meet up with?

However, if you've clicked over here from the ASCD blog and are new to this space...first of all, Welcome! You can find more about me by clicking the "About Me" button on the sidebar or reading this interview. My blogroll is an eclectic set of my recommended reads on a variety of topics. The list is messy and I like it that way. This blog tends to contain a potpourri of posts, but here are a few of the most popular...along with a few of my faves.
So, take your shoes off...enjoy a post or two...and perhaps even a leave a comment. 

1 comment:

Hugh O'Donnell said...

Just repeating my comment on the ASCD blog...

Good grief! Tara, your exposure on this ASCD blog is so...risky. :D

Thanks for providing a contrarian view of appropriate human interaction on the web. It's just another form of appropriate interaction.

And you're absolutely correct about the idea that technology serves people, and people do not serve technology.

Keep movin', Science Goddess. Your voice is a treasure.