10 January 2011

And Your Little Dog, Too

This time of year always makes me crabby. I'm tired to going to work in the dark...and coming home in the dark. It's the pacific northwest---so yes, there's lots of rain (and precious little snow). Nothing is in bloom. As a state worker, I don't get time off during the holidays. So I'm weary from slogging through things by now while my teacher friends had time to play. I am quite sure that all of this leads to a sort of attitude where, if a house were to fall on me, no one would be surprised if a bunch of singing and dancing little people toasted the occasion.

There are times in my job where I can't see the forest for the apple-throwing trees. There are so many pieces to coordinate...so many timelines to manage...so many details to track. Some things made all the more difficult by having to work with people who (unintentionally) sabotage the work at hand with their inattention. I have to say that these issues, along with the already present winter doldrums, has made me run straight for an updated résumé.

And then, there are those days like today, where my old Grinch heart grows three sizes. Hooray!

I (gently) poked some people who had committed to some work earlier in the year. I hadn't heard from them. I hadn't seen any evidence that they were following through. But nearly all of them responded today that they either had work completed or were almost done. One had been on maternity leave...another on long-term medical leave---and they were still doing their part. Still another had to coordinate with a fellow teacher to find an evening to look at the work of 50 students. Every story was full of efforts to do their very best to make the project special for everyone...even if those steps have been quietly taken.

I have to say that this really restored my sense of purpose and energized me to continue on with the next steps of the project. I feel hopeful again, even if winter is here for awhile longer. Maybe the last of my wicked witch impulses will melt away in the rain this week.

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LindsayBilbrey said...

Oh Tara, I must say, this post really resonanted with me today. Thank you for sharing it!