10 September 2010

International Rockflipping Day 2010

I'm a little late getting the message out, but Sunday, September 12, is the date set aside for this year's International Rockflipping Day.

Visit Wanderin' Weeta to find out more details, but here is her summary:
  • On or about September 12th, find your rock and flip it over.
  • Record what you find. "Any and all forms of documentation are welcome: still photos, video, sketches, prose, or poetry."
  • Replace the rock as you found it; it's someone's home. (More on this, later.)
  • Post on your blog, or load your photos to the Flickr group.
  • Send me a link. My e-mail address is in my profile, or you can add a comment to any IRFD post.
  • I will collect the links, e-mail participants the list, and post it for any and all to copy to your own blogs. 
  • Tweet it, too. Use the hashtag #rockflip.)
I participated last year and will see what I can find this coming Sunday. If you're a classroom teacher, considering heading out with students on Monday and adding your information.


Snippety Gibbet said...

What a very cool idea! jan

doyle said...

Dear Goddess,

Every day is rockflipping day.

(I saw three men flipping rocks along the edge of the bay yesterday, looking for bait--I think they had as much fun finding critters under rocks as they do fishing....)

Snippety Gibbet said...

Thanks for the link to the leaf art. HOLY SMOKES that was amazing! jan