06 September 2010

The Holiday

Working for the state is different in a lot of ways. Some of them are pleasant---like the ability to get a broader view of the educational landscape. Some of them are not---such as not having as much time off. No more two weeks at Christmas, Spring Break, and time away in the summer (if only to engage in PD).

This week will be my first full week of vacation in more than two years. I have had days off here and there---mostly long weekends. I was away when my mother died last year, but I have to tell you that it wasn't much of a holiday. I'm not really sure that I know what to do with a whole stretch of time to myself.

So, this is it. I have until next Monday to rest and recharge...to think about life, the universe, and everything. Most of all, I want to spend some time thinking about not being Possibility Girl anymore (sorry---I've lost the source for the image below).

Perhaps this is the week I take the half-finished posts in the queue and get them completed and published. It could be the week that lay the foundation to transition my career (my current job is slated to end in June). Or I might just take up residence at the local bar and collect bits of wisdom from fellow patrons.

If you're back at school this week, I wish you well. I remember all the years I longed for the ability to be off when others were not---to be able to go to Europe off-season or even just be home to let the plumber/electrician/carpet installer in without having to go to major lengths planning for a sub or begging a colleague to cover the last part of my class. I have to admit, it's nice to have a choice. Here's hoping I can make the most of the ones I have in front of me.

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Hugh O'Donnell said...

Ahh, turning points...be brave, SG.

Keep that line in the water!