12 August 2010

Model Core Teaching Standards

While most education organizations are distracted by the release and falderal associated with the Common Core Standards, the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) has posted their draft of the Model Core Teaching Standards for public comment.
These new draft standards comprise a set of principles of effective teaching, revised from the 1992 model standards, in response to new visions for teaching. This document is being distributed as a draft for public comment. Members of the public and the profession alike are invited to:
  • Critically examine what an effective teacher must know and be able to do today;
  • Thoughtfully consider how teacher policy should change to support the vision articulated by these standards;
  • Creatively explore how K-12 schools and teacher education programs can be restructured to advance this vision.

It's unclear what the range of implementation is meant to be for these, but go have a look and see if you agree that they've captured the dimensions of good teaching. You can visit the main site for more information, review the draft, and complete the survey (open through October 15).

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