30 June 2010

ISTE 2010: Parting Thoughts

My last session was one presented by Jenny from Elementary, My Dear, or Far from It, along with Unlimited and Clairvoy. They showcased a variety of web 2.0 projects students from their elementary schools are doing, explained some nuts and bolts, and addressed the challenges they face. The audience was very engaged. The duties were shared among the three presenters and it was a great way to keep things moving. I have followed blogs from that school for a long time and it was a wonderful opportunity to hear more about the culture of the school and learn about what their kids do.

I have a couple of people I hope to connect with this morning before I head to the airport. I've selected two quotes from my tweetstream to share as parting thoughts...

What We Should Be Talking About

What Has Mostly Been Talked About

I have more general thoughts to share during the upcoming days. Sorry, ISTE, but I'm not coming back until you're ready to talk about good instruction and people. When you're done with "cool stuff," call me.


Steve Ediger said...

Great observation. I agree; too much 'cool'. Chris Lehmann provided an excellent alternative in his session on "Beyond Tools: Thoughtful 21st Century School Reform", when he talked about desired student learning outcomes as good neighbors, wise humans, thoughtful and loving spouses.

doyle said...

Looking from the outside, http://bit.ly/EjCb, I was hoping it was better on the inside.

Guess not.

Thanks for sharing this with the skeptics who still live among us....

Ricochet said...

I had an incredible professional learning this summer. While he had (and used) some really cool tools, what I will be blogging about later this summer is the way he taught.

I learned a lot I can use. I don't have access to a smart board or some of his fancy tools, but he gave me a greater gift in modeling good teaching.

I came out of the tech world. It is no more the ANSWER to education, than it was the ANSWER to a paperless society.