18 June 2010

Into the Future

The local paper has been running articles and slideshows of area graduations on its website. I like the ceremony. It's the last time we fuss over kids. I am always surprised by the number for whom graduation represents the end of formal schooling. They won't be attending college or university. It's off to the working world---the beginning of adulthood.

I looked through the pix from the school I taught at two years ago---my sophomores all grown up. I didn't see many former students in the pictures, but I was thrilled to see two young men from one of my classes. I was sharing a classroom at the time, and the Physics teacher constantly derided my "brown boys." They made it through that awful school and dealing with people like him. I'm so happy that they're free of that environment. I haven't a clue what their plans are from this point. I have seen other "brown boys" I had mentioned for scholarships and doing well in athletics. I hope it burned that teacher every time to see them do so well. I hope there are more just like them who survive that school and find ways to thrive as they move off into the future.

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