11 April 2010

Spring Cleaning

I'm still getting the blog ready to move to its new digs. Google, in its magnanimity, extended the deadline from end of February to first of May for blogs like mine to bend to their will. If all goes well, readers should notice no changes.

In the meantime, I'm doing a little spring cleaning on my sidebar. For those of you reading posts via an aggregator, this won't be a big deal. However, I like to keep my recommendations current. This means that nearly everyone occupying that space represents a blogger who posts regularly, looks for solutions, challenges my thinking, and makes me laugh. Perhaps not all blogs hit all of those sweet spots, but those are my basic criteria for sharing with others. So, I've removed a few links and added some others.

The new additions fall under the category of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Although this concept may have originally been seeded by special education, it's really much more than that. In my mind, it's really about differentiation with a focus on accessibility. So, without further falderal, I would like to welcome the following to my sidebar and hope that you will give them a look:
  • Assistive Technology bills itself as a "blog on the topic of assistive technology, eLearning, mind mapping, project management, visual learning, collaborative tools, and educational technology" and is written by school psychologist Brian Friedlander. The blog is primarily a showcase for computer and web-based tools.
  • Karen Janowski writes over at EdTech Solutions: Teaching Every Student. Her posts are an amalgam of tools, instructional strategies, and her reflections on working to create an accessible learning environment for every student.
  • Over at Free Resources from the Net for Every Student, Paul Hamilton not only shares links for tools, but instructional ideas and support for teachers in implementing these tools.
  • Finally, I am late to the party in noting Ira Socol's blog: SpeEd Change. Part policy, part ed theory, part tech, and part awesome, the blog is a thoughtful examination of UDL.

I hope you'll have a look at these. Are there other UDL blogs (or just new to the edusphere blogs) I should know about? Drop me a comment or email.

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Jason Buell said...

Lisa Parisi at http://lisaslingo.blogspot.com/ is my fav in the classroom blogger when it comes to UDL. It's amazing to read about what happens in her class. I definitely recommend it although her posts have been a bit sporadic lately.