01 April 2010

I Told You So

In August, I wrote a post about some impending plagiarism. My ideas were being kidnapped and there would be no ransom---just wholesale stealing with no credit offered or permission requested.

And, as unfortunately expected, things have turned up here (the "Physical Science and Inquiry" section). The materials are not the same format, but there is no mistaking what I published in August as being used. If there is any question of which came first, one only need right-click their page and view the Page Info (shown below):

They posted on December 15, 2009---nearly four months after I posted here. Rather sickening to think that one of the people who participated in the thievery is involved with conversations about national science standards. It will be quite ironic to see concepts of integrity show up in those, don't you think?


Clix said...

*wince* I'm so sorry to hear that, SG.

Hugh O'Donnell said...

This theft of intellectual property demands more attention...on a national scale.

Joanne Jacobs said...

Have you asked the thieves to credit you?

If they refuse, I think you should turn them in.

The Science Goddess said...

Thanks to everyone for your comments (and emails). It's hard to see any intellectual property treated so disrespectfully, but there isn't much I can do in this situation. The people responsible are no longer in their positions---and the remaining leadership gives off no appearance of being interested in doing the right thing.

Mr. RCollins said...

File a DCMA notice. That should get someones attention.

Rex said...

You should apply for copyright registration of your original work (if you haven't already). Just go to loc.gov and find the proper form, fill it out, attach your work, and mail it in with check. You can also file electronically if you can submit your work in electronic form.

Your work was actually copyrighted as soon as you wrote it, but you need to REGISTER it so you can sue in court. It also shows people that you are serious about protecting your work.