12 February 2010

Everybody Lean

I was recently notified by Google (Blogger's daddy) that in about a month, they will no longer support the method I use to create content for this blog. This came as a bit of a shock to me, as I have been happily "FTP-ing" for nearly three years. My options at this point are...

  1. Allow the googles to move my entire blog to a blogger managed URL.
  2. Export my content and then import it into WordPress.
  3. Create a subdomain at my current URL for blogger to use as a "custom domain" and publish there.
  4. Start over with a new blog.
  5. No longer blog.

Out of all of these, number 3 will probably be the option I choose. The reason why #1 isn't a good option is that I would lose management control of my blog---no way to keep the trolls away from honest readers and myself. No thanks. Option #2 is the back-up plan as it would allow me to keep publishing to the same domain; however, 5 years of content is a lot to move (and/or lose...including comments) and would also require a complete template redesign. I think I mentioned in a recent post that early March is off the charts in terms of scheduling. Not the best time to have to overhaul things online. Options 4 and 5 don't appeal to me on a personal level. I'm not ready to start over and/or stop writing---although those are always possibilities for the future.

The Great Googly has promised to write code that will automatically redirect to the new digs and maintain search results/page ranks. I'm not sure when I'll be transferring my content or what glitches will occur along the way. So, hang on. We'll keep leaning to and fro on this rollercoaster.


Mamacita (The REAL one) said...

Wordpress. Want to go to Wordcamp Chicago with me this June? I'm not kidding!

It would be awesome to meet you, and I learned more last year at Wordcamp than I learned in all those years (never you mind how many!) of grad school. Plus, you'll be in a room with a zillion people, any one of whom can take care of any problems you might have.

Think about it.

Oh, and would you please follow me on Twitter? I've wanted to DM you so many times,and can't because you're not following me.

Sorry to seem so presumptuous. I really think you'd like WordCamp. And I'm really not so awful, either. (usually)
P.S. Still got Beaker?)

The Science Goddess said...

What a lovely invitation! Would love to meet you, but not sure Chicago is going to be in my budget. State budgets cuts here are going to reduce my salary by several percentage points...and my jaunt to ASCD in March has to come out of my own pocket.

I've played around in WordPress some, but I have to say that I don't like it as much as Blogger. The navigation is not intuitive for me and is just not friendly to use---at least in terms of how I think and want to present myself. I am not fond of the ads and costs involved. I know that there are lots of diehard WordPress users out there. I begrudge them nothing---I think that people should use whatever tools suit them best. I would really like to find a way to keep doing what I'm doing with the least disruption possible.

All that being said, we'll see what happens with my upcoming move. If things don't go smoothly or posting becomes an issue, then I may force a move over to WordPress. And who knows---even see you in June. :)