10 December 2009

The Big O-5

Ye Olde blog turns five today.

It's hard for me to believe that another year has passed in this space---one that has seen me through job changes, surgery, grad school, a move to this domain, conference presentations, numerous personal ups and downs, 1400 conversations (including this post), and nearly 300,000 visitors.

I recently wondered if there is something equivalent to "dog years" for "blogging years." Five years is not a long time when compared to a human lifespan, but is about half of Blogger's existence...and roughly one-third of my online existence.

These milestones are reminders for me to be grateful for many aspects of this online existence. I am always thankful for my readers and commenters. Some of you have been coming along for the ride nearly as long as I've been here. Thank you to those of you who link to this space and share posts. All of you have provided me with an incredible community to learn with and share. I am a better educator for all of your efforts.

Shall we go for 10?


Ms Characterized said...

Let's, please!

Michaele Sommerville said...


And yes, ten would be delightful!


Hugh O'Donnell said...

Happy Blog Birthday, SG! Keep on keeping on!

You're the best!

Roger Sweeny said...

Do it as long as it's good for you. I'll read.

Margaret English said...

Congratulations! 5 years is a wonderful achievement. April 2010 will mark two years for me and I often wonder how long I will keep the blog running for before it starts to become repetetive.

Having said that, I enjoy writing my posts and reading other blogs and have realised that the opportunity to write my thoughts about the job make me a more reflective and better teacher.