29 August 2009

The Name Game

In a few days, I will begin a new adventure in my career. I will be a generalist, to use the education parlance---rather than a specialist of science. In fact, I will be doing very little scientific work at all. This brings up the question of my nom de internet. Can one be a "Science Goddess" without being in the scientific arena?

The internet is an intriguing beast to watch evolve. No one used to think about the digital footprints they were leaving...and now, nearly everyone has one. Whether or not it is truly representative of one's self (especially if you have a common name) or its impact on our future is hard to know. We are all kind of making this up as we go along.

I have decided to keep my moniker for now, although I may begin blogging under my real name in the near future. My reasons for holding on to the alter ego are simply because of the digital footprint being generated. To be sure, I am not the only one using the handle. However, being first gives me certain "squatting rights" in other places (like Twitter). It is how others in the edusphere have come to know me over the last five years and how many people search for and find me. There is a certain level of reputation that I would like to keep. Many of you know me by my true name, so I won't claim to keep the alias as a route to anonymity. (An interview I did re: social networking in education will "out" me in the next month or so, anyway.) One of my goals in using an alias was not so much to protect myself, but rather the people I interact with and the experiences I reflect upon here. I do change some or all of the identifying information, while the observations and interpretations are my true understanding. I like the history and reminder of how my on-line life has developed over time. One must never forget one's roots, eh?


Hugh O'Donnell said...

Hey SG, You'll always be a goddess to me.

You were very influential (and supportive) in my blog infancy. You have been a great ally in the grading for learning cause, and you're smarter than hell, which I admire to the max! :)

You'll be on my reader no matter what!

The Science Goddess said...

Thanks, Hugh. I'm definitely not going anywhere. As much as my blogging time and headspace has been reduced over the past year, this is still the place to put my stuff. It's still enjoyable to post when I can.