14 August 2009

Mighty Oaks

Late last winter, I spent time with a few high school science teachers, talking about grading practices. I have to say that out of all of the presentations I've done in the last year, this one was the worst. I just didn't connect well with the group.

And then...

In May, a few of them invited me to spend time with them on a Saturday morning. They had been planning ahead for the upcoming year---revisiting curriculum and thinking about grading. I was delighted and impressed by the work they'd been doing.

And then...

One of them invited me to her classroom next week as she gets her record-keeping set up for the nearly here school year. Of course, I said "Yes!"

It seems odd (but delightful) that out of this not-so-hot PD experience I delivered, there are some hearty seedlings. I am learning that mighty oaks grow from all sorts of acorns.


Hugh O'Donnell said...

It's like hearing the words you said to your fourteen-year-old come out of their mouths when they're 24.

Cue the Hallelujah chorus! :)

Frank Noschese said...

What are your recommendations for books on standards-based grading? I am looking to implement something like this for next year.

The Science Goddess said...

Hi, Frank---

You might want to look at either of Ken O'Connor's books (How to Grade for Learning; RepairKit) and/or Thomas Guskey's "Developing Grading and Reporting Systems..." or Susan Brookhart's "Grading." All are great resources!