01 August 2009

The Marathon

Life since early May has been a bit of a whirlwind. I was on the road for nearly six weeks from May to late June...had a week or so to catch my breath...and was present in the office for only 6 days in July. The rest of my time (3+ weeks, including two Sundays) was spent working off-site. The work was relatively local and I was home each evening---but planning and executing several events in a row with no time to plan/regroup in between has been a real marathon.

Not to mention the record heat in western Washington this week. Sure, I have a southwest US pedigree, but five days of 95 - 103 degrees temps here (where air conditioning is a rarity) is miserable, at best. I dutifully watered my plants each morning and told them "Good luck!" while I drove away. At least the tomatoes are finally starting to ripen.

These past few days have also meant seeing many of my new friends for the last time. Now that I am changing jobs, I will no longer be with those who wish to nurture me to death or our other contractors, who have their own charms. I will miss working with them, but am looking forward to being able to socialize without the work entanglements.

I was taught a new mantra recently ("Not My Problem") and have been trying to take it to heart as I move on to new adventures. I realized this week as I sat in a meeting and listened to all the politics and personalities, that I am so glad I won't have this position anymore. I really didn't care about the discussion. I do care about doing good work and giving things my best effort while I am still in that position---but all the drama, diplomacy, and things that get in the way of doing what's best for kids (and only serve to make adults feel important): I'm SO over that. I have loved the work. The job, not so much. The teachers I've met recently have said that they can tell something is wrong with the job---five different people have left it within the last year. I can make little comment about what exactly is wrong with it. Not my problem.

In the meantime, I have been daydreaming about the future. I am looking forward to having a life again. I was told this week that my proposal to present at the 2010 ASCD National Conference was accepted (come get your grading on with me in March). I'm going to have some time off in August and hopefully some headspace to think about all sorts of things other than work.

The marathon is (nearly) over.


Hugh O'Donnell said...

"I was told this week that my proposal to present at the 2010 ASCD National Conference was accepted (come get your grading on with me in March)."


Forgive the caps, I'm just so excited for you! I'll be there!

I'm getting so tired of lying low (because I'm an intimidating board member) that I seriously doubt I'll do another board term. I want to consult more and get more results. Graduate more kids!

I'm working on a presentation that's quite a bit off-center, but will hit the weak spots dead center.

BTW, Check out "Slideology" on Amazon. I just got it...looks promising.

The Science Goddess said...

Thanks for the well wishes! I do hope to see you in San Antonio next spring (if not before then).

I highly recommend the Slideology blog, too, if you have room in your Reader.