21 June 2009

Welcome to Summer 2009

After being away for six weeks, I have enjoyed much of the last one at home. I am working some each day (no summer off anymore). July is shaping up to be another crush of busy-ness, so I am doing what I can to use my overtime and recharge myself.

One of the things I've enjoyed seeing around the edusphere is all of the energy of teachers on holiday: their plans for next year...their ideas for professional development over the summer...how their learning is continuing.

I have to admit that I haven't been very good about such things this year. I used to do far more professional reading and participating in learning circles. It is odd to me to work in a place devoted to education...and have no learning happening within its walls. It's all management. I don't think this is good. I can't change the workplace. I can change my own habits; or, rather, I can re-adopt my old ones and make a better effort to stay current with my reading.

As for learning circles? My in-person options are limited (at best), so I will probably look to more on-line conversations...or perhaps challenge myself to do more posting here. I think that my lack of posting this year hasn't been due to lack of experiences to share, but rather that my learning has been stunted in the workplace. I have allowed that to happen...but no more.

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Michaele Sommerville said...

I was more blippy than bloggy this year as well, though I finally posted over at In Practice again once I finished my only summer class, SMARTBoard training. It was the first time I had to really push myself to do an end of the year teaching reflection. Now that I'll be at the same school for a second year in a row (the first time in a LONG time), we'll see how my collegial relationships continue to develop and grow, and how I'll balance my online professional learning community with the inbuilding PLC members.

Hope you have a WONDERFUL summer planned!