11 June 2009

Calendar Girl

As a teacher, I always looked forward to May and June. The end of the school year and the change to summer weather and pasttimes was a favourite time of year. This year, however, I have looked at those months on the calendar and cringed. With the change in job came nearly 6 straight weeks of being on the road.

I am not, by nature, very adventurous. I prefer being home vs. being anywhere else. The thought of having to make arrangements for pets, yard, bills, etc. for well over a month while I lived out of a suitcase elsewhere has made for a tense spring. I could see my nomadic existence looming and feel my blood pressure rise. But I am home for the duration now. And here is a wrap-up of major events...

I started out with the issue shown at the right. Not 30 minutes after I had arrived at my destination, a chatty guy on a cell phone in a large company pickup truck hit my car. Mind you, my car was parked and he was going very slowly, but nearly $1000 of damage was done. No one was hurt; however, this event did create a challenge as it was only the start of my trip. A rather ominous beginning. That week was full of low points. I'm glad I endured it first...and perhaps it is best that this is the half of the job I was RIFed from.

I also discovered some new artists during my travels. Two samples added to my collection are shown below. On the left is a print by Geoffrey Harris. I truly fell in love with his work. Lots of colourful and beautiful paintings of robots and old mechanical toys. I wish I could fill my house with his work. And on the right is a photograph by Leah Cavanah. She takes her pictures using two cameras---one is held up to the viewfinder of the other in order to take the photo. The pictures have a rather ethereal sense both in colour and composition.

I was able to pick up a couple of other trinkets along the way. They will be pleasant reminders of this incredible journey. I prefer them to battle scars for the endurance test I've just completed.

Now that I'm home again for a few days, I will be catching up on the mail...the chores (the person hired to tend my yard didn't...sigh...)...reconnecting with friends...and figuring out what my next steps are. I've missed the blooming of my peonies and lilacs this year. I just now purchased my vegetables to plant. I feel like an alien in my own house, trying to remember what day the trash can goes to the curb and where I store various kitchen tools. Six weeks is a long time to be gone.

My summer calendar is already filling up, but at least I will no longer be under a wandering star.


Hugh O'Donnell said...

Here's a little love from your fan club...

Love, love, love.

You should be a lot better now.

Yes? No? Can't say I didn't try. :D



The Science Goddess said...

Awwww. :) Thank you!

Too bad we couldn't get together when I was down your way. I could have used a good home-cooked meal!