25 May 2009

Memorial Day Amusements

I think the last state holiday was in January...so the Memorial Day weekend has been a long time coming. We have gorgeous weather here in western Washington and I'll be out enjoying the sunshine. If you're stuck inside, however, perhaps these suggestions will give you reasons to smile:
  • There are new babies in the edusphere. Visit Jonathan Pratt and Leesepea and wish them well on their adventures in parenthood. Both have had small additions to their family in the last couple of weeks.
  • We can only hope that neither Jon nor Leesa will ever be featured on Awkward Family Photos; however, those who are now immortalized there will have you hoping no one scans those pictures hanging in grandma's hallway.
  • I don't know if Jon or Leesa have an artistic bent, but if they do, they may one day discover themselves taking requests from a Tiny Art Director. This is my new favourite find. I love seeing how much the preschooler's view contrasts with our own.
  • Criggo is always good for a giggle, too. There are scans of newspaper advertisements---ads gone awry, as it were. Kinda makes me wish I subscribed to a newspaper just to scan for these sorts of things.
Time to go acquire a sunburn. Enjoy your holiday!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the kind words SG! I'm a bit behind on my reading and blogging, what with Liam's arrival and graduation at work - but what's most important is that all in the family are doing well :) I'll post a few pics over on my blog in the next day or two so you & others can see the little man. But in the meantime, he's about to fall asleep, and so am I!