19 April 2009

Enjoy the Trip

Someone recently shared the link for the above video and I was enticed to watch it at first purely because I like Mythbusters and was interested in what Adam Savage had to share. It turns out that there is a pretty compelling story here: a teachable moment, as it were. Take 17 minutes and watch it all unfold.

You might say the story is about how Adam ended up making replicas of a Dodo bird's skeleton and the Maltese Falcon...but that is just a description of what's happening at the surface. Underneath is this passion and joy of learning...of taking a risk to try something new and the doors that it ended up opening. And most significantly, an understanding that the journey is the thing---not the destination. He points out at the end that "Achieving the end of the exercise was never the point of the exercise to begin with." Go, Adam, go!

I can't help but wonder about how this fits within schools these days. Are we more about the destination (the test, the grade, the diploma) than the journey along the way? What would happen if all of us had a "Creative Projects" folder that inspired us to keep learning and nurtured our passions?


teacherninja said...

That made my whole day--thanks so much for sharing. Awesome.

Hugh O'Donnell said...

Awesome post, SG. Awesome question about purpose and accountability.

Makes me want to cry about the direction Obama wants to take with education. I had such high hopes for change.