02 March 2009

The Whole Enchilada

I had a call from a school district today asking for the full meal deal: a presentation on grading practices, data collection and information visualization, differentiation, and Response to Intervention ideas. All of this should fit within a one-day session, with time for teachers to reflect, discuss, and plan.

This is a tall order---and really, shouldn't be attempted. Each piece is worthy of exploration. However, my job is apparently to lay out the buffet and whet the appetites. The district people will come along later with the Lotus leaves.

In my mind, I see how the pieces fit together. I know what the recipe is. The challenge is being able to translate this into a feast for the senses of others.

Here's hoping that we all don't end up with a serious case of indigestion.

1 comment:

Hugh O'Donnell said...

Hey SG, if anyone can handle that, it's you.

Never mind being your own worst critic. You've got the mojo and you can put it down.

I'm doing some school presentations in my district. A bit of a balancing act for a board member! :)