21 March 2009

Stand Back...She's Gonna Blow

It isn't that I haven't wanted to blog...or had relatively blogworthy events and ideas to probe as of late...but rather that I can't seem to get things to coalesce into anything resembling a real post. Longtime readers here will argue that this lack has not stopped me from writing before. Fair enough.

Some snapshots from the week, in no particular order...
  • Finally met Jim from 5/17. We've each been blogging for several years. You'd think that with all the events for educators (and the fact that we live relatively close to one another) that we would have stumbled across one another before now. But, better late than never. It was fun to get to know him a bit better. Other than Dr. Pezz, I've now had the pleasure of hanging with most of the other Washington edubloggers. Dude, you're up!
  • There seems to be a lot of bad news in the air. I enjoyed some time this week with a wonderful group of educators who will likely have to take different jobs next year. I also had to tell members of another enthusiastic group "No." to a lot of their ideas. This was due to budgetary restrictions, and it made me nauseated to have to deliver the message. When people are focused on what's best for kids and teachers, it makes no sense to put up roadblocks to this mission.
  • I did another intro to grading presentation at an area conference. At the end, a teacher in the front row said, "I think my head is going to explode." Interestingly enough, this is not the first time I have gotten that type of feedback, along with variations such as "You're making my head hurt." or "My brain is really fighting with itself." as a result of this presentation. I'm not sure what it is that engenders these comments. Is the cognitive dissonance that jarring? It would be kinda cool if it was, but I suspect it's due to more of a confluence of events rather than the presentation itself. In other words, the presentation is just the proverbial straw and thoughts about classroom performance are the camel's back. Anyway, I'm still amused when I hear it.
  • Today, however, was the first time anyone asked me if someone was out there blogging about grading practices. Another person said, "I tried to for awhile." I found it intriguing that (more) teachers are open to using blogs for information on classroom practices. I think this is a very positive step to see this sort of communication going more mainstream.
I do want to have some time to catch my breath and blog a bit about some resources I've run across, grades as predictors of college success, and a couple of other ideas that have recently been kicked my way. Because this long time between posting? It blows.


Hugh O'Donnell said...

Take a deep breath, SG. Your posts are pithy enough to be patient and wait for. ;)

If I could make teachers' brains explode, I'd devote the rest of my life to it. Right now, I feel fortunate to have a critical mass multiplying in our district.

After we take care of business locally, the rest of the world looks a bit daunting, but, what the hey, we can handle it. :D

Dr Pezz said...

I think I may be attending the PLC conference in Seattle/Bellevue at the end of July as well as the NEA rep assembly in San Diego at the beginning of July.

Will you be at either?

The Science Goddess said...

Definitely not NEA. :) Don't know about the PLC conference yet. I do get around, so to speak, so we're bound to bump into one another.

Dr Pezz said...

I thought I'd give the NEA one more try now that it's a non-election year. I still have some personal concerns about its workings, but I'll drink the Kool-Aid one more time.