14 February 2009

Take Your Pick

There are two holidays that I typically dreaded as a classroom teacher: Halloween and Valentine's Day. Both fueled sugar frenzies in students, although the effects of Halloween were most noticeable the day after and Valentine's in secondary schools involves far more drama than it should. I never had trouble getting secondary teachers to volunteer for all-day meetings or staff development on February 14. Last year's experience in an elementary school, however, was a sweet trip (literally and figuratively) down memory lane. I thought about it a lot while I was in the office yesterday, wishing I was hanging with some kinders.

Perhaps you have your own love-hate relationship with the pink beast that shows up on this date each year. I've rounded up my favourite confections from around the 'net. Take your pick of the litter. Happy Valentine's Day!

The ever clever XKCD shared a Sierpinski valentine:

Perhaps you know a certain someone who might like something from the Periodic Table of Sentiments?Or maybe Darwin (there are others featuring Carl Sagan, Mme. Curie, Einstein, and Newton) for that special valentine scientist in your life?

For good old-fashioned snark, head on over to Some E-cards:

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Hugh O'Donnell said...

Hey SG, Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Cute cards...I'm gonna use the Obama line. :)