16 February 2009

Take a Breath

With my current schedule, I don't get a lot of opportunity for a personal life. It's all Science Goddess, all the time (with a tiny bit of "doctoral candidate" thrown in as "hobby"). This means that I have come to greatly appreciate three-day weekends---far more than I did as a classroom teacher. It also means that I am enjoying my time with friends more, not just because those visits are rare these days, but it is nice to be with people who don't see me as The Big Cheese. I don't have to watch every word I say or spend the time engaged in various diplomatic negotiations.

So today, I get to take a time out and reconnect with a variety of friends and former colleagues. I have a coffee date with my favourite first grade teachers...and a lunch date with my number one science teacher...and have a plan to wrap up some other projects in the afternoon. Life will be tidied up a bit before Tuesday gets here to make things messy again.

Enjoy your President's Day, Family Day, or other holiday!


CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Why, thank you! I'm enjoying my family day immensely. I've even temporarily abandoned (until tomorrow) The Remote School in favor of a place that actually has restaurants and movie theatres! "Slumdog Millionaire" was yesterday's viewing fare. Superb!

Hugh O'Donnell said...

Hey SG, Here's one for you and your science teacher friends...



Anonymous said...

I hope your dates were fabulous and relaxing. We enjoyed our day off -- we had a family trip to the zoo. (By the way, I spent the rest of the money you donated on more mittens, so that next year's bunch will have warm hands, too. Thank you again!)

The Science Goddess said...

Thanks to one and all for the well wishes. I hope you enjoyed your day as much as I did mine!

CTG---Perhaps you'll give us a review of the movie?

Hugh---I will do my best to no longer be a "boron moron."

Kiri---I'm glad you're able to keep your wee ones a bit warmer this year and next. Take good care of them (and yourself!).