09 January 2009

We All Just Wanna Be Big Rock Stars

When this was a bouncing baby blog, I wrote about attending our annual state education conference. And here it is, four years later, and I've been presenting my little heart out at this same conference. It has been a very different experience, to be sure.

My session on grading practices has been the most popular. Too popular, perhaps, as I had to turn away close to 100 people who were very upset that they couldn't get in. So, I have offered to do it a third time and been placed in a room that will seat 120. I don't expect to fill it this time around, but I am glad that I can provide one more opportunity for those who want it. I had someone tell me yesterday "I was just standing in the line at Starbucks and the woman in front of me was raving about your session!" At least she wasn't ranting. :)

The presentation I did on differentiated instruction was also popular. I turned away people there, too, but perhaps not quite as many. I don't think that any of these things are really so much a matter of me and/or my reputation as much as it is the topics themselves. I'm trying to feed hungry minds after listening to what they needed. Meanwhile, my "teacher voice" is out of practice and I may be dumb (in more ways than one) by the end of the day. I have been the energizer bunny of the presentation world for this conference---but have enjoyed it immensely.

Another highlight has been getting to meet the Hedgetoad. I'm so glad that she was able to make it here---especially with all the flooding, road closures, and other weather-related issues. We've both been blogging for awhile, but never been able to get together.

Once I wrap up here this morning, I'm off to a birthday lunch at my favourite restaurant and then heading home for some much needed R & R...and "normal" status. Conference fame is fleeting, and perhaps that's just as well.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful! It sounds like a great experience, and I'm glad you got such great feedback, too.

The Science Goddess said...

It did go well.

This morning, I had about 75 more people sit in on my grading practices session. I am now completely hoarse. LOL