14 December 2008

Once, Twice, Three Times a Meme-y

Miss Bioteacher tagged me for the "Seven Random Things" meme. I believe that this is the third time I've been asked to play---so apparently, I haven't developed an immunity to this particular meme. I think it must be a December thing, as it has been almost a year to the day since the last time I posted some answers. Have I discovered anything new to share in the last year? Hmmmm...
  • I recently received the final piece of paperwork regarding my elementary endorsement for the state of Washington. After nearly two decades of haunting secondary schools, I'm now qualified to warp the minds of little ones. I never anticipated I would actually be k-12 certified. It's just one of those strange turns---one of many---my career has taken.
  • I rarely watch the news on tv...or much commercial television at all. That's not to say that the tv isn't on as I do things at home, just that more often than not, you'll find the channel tuned to Turner Classic Movies or other movie channel. I don't find the way news is presented on tv to be useful anymore. Some of it is vapid in nature (or at least presented by and about vapid people)...much of it appears to be constructed to intentionally frighten viewers...and the rest is just an overloaded screen of information. When the intelligent talking head reappears, I'll go back.
  • One of my greatest pet peeves is when people display an utter lack of personal responsibility, especially by those in positions of leadership. If you screw up, say so and figure out a way that you can fix it. Don't make others continually clean up after you. Seems like this particular nerve is being rubbed raw these days.
  • As is the one stimulated by overuse of the word "team" in reference to work situations. Please, people, give it a rest.
  • My self-identified area for professional growth this year is information visualization. I keep thinking that all of the various tools out there (things, not people) have great potential for schools...I just haven't had the time or headspace to get practical with them yet.
  • I don't like slimy foods. Things like runny eggs or jams and jellies make me squick. I don't know what it is. I just can't handle the way they feel in my mouth.
  • Speaking of food, I'm allergic to strawberries. I get nasty hives every time anything with a hint of real strawberry comes close to me.
So, there you have the 2008 edition. I admit that I didn't check previous editions to see if there are any repeats. Do visit Miss Bioteacher and give her some encouragement as she progresses through her first year in the classroom!


Hugh O'Donnell said...

I don't much care for runny eggs either, but marionberry jam is the bomb on toasted Thomas's English Muffins! :)

The third annual sound grading conference went well. We sent 35 administrators and teachers (the max ATS/ATI would allow). We're moving along!

In other news, my wife just got the call that there's no school tomorrow. I called that one two hours ago when I pulled out of our neighborhood onto an arterial street (on my way to the library and to pick up a six-pack) and went from slush to hard ice in a matter of a few feet...and the temp was dropping. I turned right around and went home.

I didn't care so much about missing the trip to the library, but missing the six-pack...ah, well.

The Science Goddess said...

I weep for your beer. LOL As for me, I just pulled some Bailey's out of the freezer for an evening treat.

Sorry to have had to miss the grading conference this year, but the good news is that I'm working with four districts (so far) on supporting SBG discussions/implementation.

The tipping point is here.

Hugh O'Donnell said...