03 December 2008

Cliquing Around

I've mentioned before that I'm not much of a kool-aid drinker. I respect and am thankful for every group that is making positive efforts on behalf of science education. I can't help but think that all of this collective action could make a difference for kids. My big but in all of this is that there are a few groups which get the lion's share of attention and voice---although they do not represent the majority of school districts. This same representation is present at every. single. planning meeting. I am really starting to chafe against this.

One person who is also new this group recently mentioned the alienation and frustration by many school districts who feel left out of the discussions. This is a dangerous observation. We cannot claim that we are interested in effecting change when just the same small clique makes all the decisions---and has been doing so for years and years. I understand the need to honor their commitment (and, in some cases, their economics and power base). I just think that continually tapping the same "expertise" is not the way to go. They've had a strong voice for several years---long enough to show some effects one way or another---and there is not much of an impact. Perhaps it is time for new minds and new alliances to be brought to the table. Perhaps people who have a direct line to the classroom need to be the ones with the greatest voice.

It's time to do some clique-busting.

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Mr. McNamar said...

I can imagine the field of science a difficult one to dwell in. At least in language arts, most people will accept a resonable literary critique because of the nature of literature.
But in a field that must focus only on evidence, it would seem much more challenging.
For the record, on the most controversial science subject, evolution, I would prefer to see it taught over creationism. Not because I view creationism as absolutely false or evolution (in the macro sense) as absolute.
For me, it requires an equal amount of faith to believe in both. But it is easy to point to various species and demonstrate how micro evolution or adaptions have happened. But, then, I'm not a scientist and I prefer a literay world with multiple interpretations :)