19 October 2008

Thinking about Visual Thinking

I don't know that I really consider myself a visual thinker, but I do believe it's important in today's world to be able to use visual means to organize, track, and use all of the information that is available. I would love to dive into a conference like this to not only get new ideas for using the tools I know about---but to find new ways to use visualization.

I am absolutely drooling over the idea of going to this conference: VizThink North America '09. There's no way I can afford it---even with $100 off coupon code, registration is $895...and that's before travel, accommodations, etc. Still a gal's gotta dream.

Oh, Santa...do you know the way to San Jose?


Hugh O'Donnell said...

We're all visual thinkers. Those of us who cultivate the gift reap the benefits.

No preview... :D

Hugh O'Donnell said...

BTW, I like it when you use visuals in your blog!