18 October 2008


I have a statement to make. As of today, I will no longer resist the label of "techie," even though I don't think it suits me. I like to think of myself as "current."

I was recently talking to a friend (who is a techie) about this---about how when I am introduced to people or when others describe me, the term "techie" is used. And not 10 minutes later when I had chatted with someone else, that third person introduced me as "This is SG...and she's techie!" when someone else entered the room. I looked at my friend, who smiled and shrugged her shoulders. I think the message was "Don't fight it."

Is it really considered techie to know what blogs and wikis are? Use an aggregator like Google Reader? Understand how to connect one's laptop to an LCD projector? Text message from a cell phone?

I had a teacher recently mention that she thinks I am a walking techie---and that I can just point my finger at things and make it happen. I had to giggle with that statement. Picard, I am not. Current? I'm trying.

Maybe I should define that some more. Earlier in my career---in the distant "B.T" days---I tried to stay current by going to a conference and/or subscribing to a journal or two. There's nothing wrong with these approaches now, as long as the goal is to simply absorb information. My opinion is that with the opportunities to share and create that we now have with "web 2.0" tools and social networking, that we can be more than just sponges. We should expect more from ourselves as educators. My view of being currency now is that it I need to do more than "know." I need to be able to "do." I'm starting to think that I may well be in the minority on this.

So, I'm giving up on trying to explain to others that I'm not techie. I don't have magic fingers or some secret store of knowledge that is only available to me. If technology in all its forms is the currency of the realm, then I will keep doing what I can to enrich myself and others.


Hugh O'Donnell said...

People who call you "techie" are also saying, "I'm too fracking dumb or lazy to keep up, so I excuse myself with disingenuous coping behavior."

They probably never read a journal either.

But hey, what would a science goddess be without digital literacy? ;)

Hugh O'Donnell said...

BTW, I love Zits. My son used to swear I wrote the author with ideas. :)

PS: Do you have any idea of the layers of security I have to fight through to comment on your blog?

One to preview, one to make up for the letters in the code thing that I couldn't read, and one to actually leave the comment.

I'm not suggesting you change anything, I just needed to gripe about something. :)

The Science Goddess said...

Hey---it's your choice to preview. :)

The rest, hey, we can't just have any riffraff spambots hanging around. Gotta be the real Hugh or nothing.

Roger Sweeny said...

Nothing wrong with being a techie. Embrace it proudly.

So what if you're not a hard-core technie? "In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed [wo]man is king."

Of course, if you've read H.G. Wells cautionary tale, "The Country of the Blind," you suspect it's not that simple.

The Science Goddess said...

I'll just keep doing my best to keep my head above water. If others feel like that's techie, then crown me!