20 September 2008

Satan's Little Helper

While I can jump to a conclusion as good as anyone, I'd rather spend some time speculating and pondering possibilities. Occam's Razor suggests that "All things being equal, the simplest solution is the best." But I don't feel like I can identify the answer with the fewest assumptions until I've considered a variety of options. Just call me The Devil's Advocate...or, if you like, Satan's Little Helper.

If nothing else, I am able to get people to take a time out before making a final decision. I feel like at the level I work at, this is critical. Policies and practices have the potential to affect thousands of stakeholders. I think they deserve to have us step back from a rush to judgment and think through things one. more. time. I would rather take the full allotment of time and do things right, rather than hurry through a process simply because five other issues are also breathing down our necks.

Call me what you will. I prefer to think of myself as a lateral thinker.

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